This being human…so difficult and painful at times.

Some scars are too deep to ever fully heal. 

Too deep. 

Some pain too intense.

And some memories too dark to ever fully find their way into the light. 

Too dark.

Yes, this being human is so difficult and painful at times.

Remembering who we are underneath the conditioning and the traumas is not an easy task.

Most of us get caught in an endless loop of fight, flight and freeze. 

It’s no fault of ours. 

Our brilliant bodies and nervous systems are designed to survive, designed to fight, flee or freeze…That is the imperative of survival.

And unfortunately, amidst our trauma ridden culture where there are so few elders and wise ones to help us out of those nervous system states, seldom do we have the opportunity to move out of living from our fear-based autonomic nervous system responses into our pre frontal cortex ring masters…

Until we encounter an empathetic other, a wounded healer, one who has experienced the fire and the light, and who is willing to take our hand and walk us through the fire and into the light of us, sitting with us as we experience the darkness, the light, the shadows.

That is a true gift.

And that is the most beautiful gift that anyone can receive and give back.

It is also the most beautiful gift that one can bestow upon this Earth, our living breathing sentient mother, and all her children, human and non human equally.

That, for me, is the gift of expressive arts.

It is a gift of remembering who we are. 

Remembering, underneath the conditioning, the materialism, the white supremacist patriarchal domination, the religious overlays, the technocratic, scientific and calculating rationalistic dogma.

Remembering that eternal spark of Life that lives underneath it all, within us all.

Expressive arts therapy offers that gift.

Remembering times, not that long ago, where together we sat before the ancient fires, in community, telling stories of the Earth’s birthing, singing songs of father sky’s magnificence, painting pictures of the darkest night, wailing songs for the fallen stars, pouring our souls’ grief and our bodies’ tears into the rhythms of the drums, the body of the Earth, holding and loving one another in all that which makes us human…