And the image spoke…

“The key to your own answers, it was always in you.

You simply forgot where to look.

Let me help you remember, my love.

It’s right there within your reach.”

~ * ~

I needed this today… thank you to my daily expressive arts practice for giving me the exact medicine I needed.

This image and writing emerged after a movement session I gifted myself to help me explore and bring curiosity to the blend of lethargy and anxiety I had been feeling up until then.

~ * ~

The world is a challenging place in which to be these days. So much polarity, so much darkness in the media, so much to contend with… it can easily become overwhelming.

I sense myself being pulled on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times a day, into dissociated states of being, states of collapse and hopelessness… a natural survival response of our beautiful and powerful bodies that aim to keep us alive.

However, these survival states are not helpful when they emerge in response to things other than events that pose direct physical threat to our system’s survival, when they emerge instead as responses to unresolved traumas from the past, disproportionate emotional responses to our encounter with the “here and now”.

Having tools, skills and practices to help me explore these states of being with curiosity and compassion and then rise from the ashes of my own trauma responses have been key to ensuring I stay somewhat sane in a world that makes increasingly less sense on the physical plane.

~ * ~

How are you feeling today?

What are you doing to care for yourself today?

What are you doing to help you bring your light rather than darkness into the world around you?

~ * ~

May we empower one another to rise and shine our unique gifts into the world.

Sending you love and blessings.