Unlock your creative potential, transform emotional pain into wisdom and medicine, and reclaim the unique creative and conscious expression, truth and power of you!

Do you sense that there’s more to life than this?

Have you lost your spark, your sense of aliveness, playfulness and joy?

Do you feel jaded and uninspired?

Is your inner critic keeping you from living a vibrant life?

Do you feel misaligned with your soul’s purpose, like you’ve lost your way? Or perhaps you don’t know what that is?

Have you spent so much time shape shifting to please others that you’ve lost the essence of you? 

Have you lost your connection to your inner voice of wisdom?

Do you feel anxious at the state of the world, want to be part of the solution but don’t know how?

Do you find yourself wondering whether you even matter in the grander scheme of things?

If you resonate with any of these, let me help you remember the truth:

You matter.
There is more to life than the day-to-day grind.
You are more wise, creative and powerful than you think.
You can create a vibrant and authentic life for yourself.
And the unique and full expression of you is needed on Earth now.

There is within you a wellspring of creative energy and deep wisdom that longs to be reclaimed and expressed. 

You hold the keys to your own liberation. 

I’m here to support you find the keys that will unlock the doors to your courageous heart and self-expression, to your wisdom, your sense of aliveness, and your unique genius and purpose! 

You don’t need to walk this path alone. Let me walk with you for a time. 

This is an invitation to reclaim your creative potential, your ability to imagine your self, your life and the world in a new light, and reclaim your ability to speak, express and stand in your truth with confidence.

It is my honor and privilege to offer sacred space for you to find your own keys, and to share with you a collection of some of the most effective tools, resources and practices that I have discovered over the course of my journey to healing, greater freedom and aliveness. My deepest desire is to offer these to you to guide you back to your freedom, creativity, gifts, joy and sense of aliveness. 

I work with a number of modalities (e.g., rituals, guided visualizations, grounding meditations), and I weave them all together into the most transformational modality I have discovered: the expressive arts.

Through a blend of modalities weaved in with expressive arts processes, I will guide you into altered states of consciousness, naturally, where you can understand your self and the world through new lenses and start safely exploring the edges of “what else is possible”?

You don’t need to be an artist to experience powerful and life-changing transformation and growth through this work.

Reconnecting with your wellspring of creativity and wisdom will open you to a world of possibilities you were not aware existed. 

Our work together will open you to more self understanding, aliveness, joy, emotional resilience and peace.

It’s time to shine the unique expression of you into the world, and you’re ready.

What a one-on-one program with me looks like:

You will receive weekly 90-minute sessions where you will be held in a safe and sacred container and guided through gentle invitations that will help you access deeper states of implicit knowing to transform emotional pain into medicine and reveal and harvest your own wellspring of inner wisdom. 

My approach is trauma-informed, polyvagal-informed, healing-centred and person-centred. 

You are the priestess of your own queendom, and so your boundaries will be honoured, always. As women, we have experienced enough the disempowering giving of our agency to others, of not trusting our own knowing. I want you to reclaim your agency and power, your boundaries and inner knowing of what is right and not for yourself. 

In our time together my intention is for you to become the one in charge, discovering and increasingly following your own inner voice. 

I’m here to walk with you, support you, and cheer you on until your nervous system recognizes safety and is ready to let you fly of your own volition.

You are not alone.

Some benefits / results that you can expect:

  • Unlock your creative potential and tap into states of flow
  • Connect more deeply with your source of inner wisdom and intuition, and channel clarity and guidance
  • Heal deep wounds that keep you small or stuck 
  • Identify and reframe old thought patterns 
  • Strengthen your emotional resilience
  • Reclaim the unique expression and power of you!
  • Feel more alive and at peace with yourself
  • Experience the body, mind, heart, spirit connection

This 1on1 mentoring program includes:

  • One initial session where we set expectations, and identify intentions and  goals
  • Weekly 90-minute expressive arts sessions for 8 weeks where we will work with what’s alive for you at that time and weave it back to your intentions and goals
  • Voice and text check-ins in between sessions as needed
  • Accountability and occasional homework
  • A final harvesting and rite of passage ceremony to celebrate and honour your journey

Who this is for

I only work with a limited number of people at a time, and, at this time, I only offer a minimum of 2-3 months one-on-one programs (weekly sessions for at least 8 weeks – though of course if it turns out to not be a good fit, you can bow out at any point).

The work we do together can be deep and profound, however it requires your commitment and willingness to go deep, and your unapologetic desire to free yourself from the bonds that have kept you small until now. 

If you feel ready to dive in now, I invite you to complete the following application form to schedule a free 30-minute session to explore how I can support you on your journey back “home” to yourself and into a fuller and more alive version of YOU! ❤️