This image emerged from my painting practice the other day, and here is its message:


I am the white woman of the wind and the wild 

Walking towards the horizon

Sun setting like gold dripping from the sky

Carrying the hope of end of day

A promise for your opening heart

Your pure intention to serve

My hair, white with hues of spirit purple blanketing the ground

Like wisps of wind flowing into the forest

Sliding effortlessly through the trees 

Who’s covering offer shelter to the weary mind


I am the blue bird whose wings rise from the white woman’s hair

I carry hope and playfulness to the air

Moving with the currents

Changing as they do

The golds of sunshine skies setting on the ocean carry my dreams

Shining like fleeting stars

Tomorrow they’ll be gone

But for now, this moment, they live

Fully alive and filling my eyes and heart with joy



I am the tunnel of trees through which life flows

I offer shelter and food, direction and roots for those seeking respite

But I too, like all things, am constantly shifting

I too, like all things shall die”


Acrylic on canvas (40×30)